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Our 38th Season marks the 20th Anniversary of Music Director, David Mairs!

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In 2015-2016, David Mairs will celebrate his 20th season as Music Director of the Mid-Texas Symphony.  Plans are underway for a special celebration. 

In a recent interview Maestro Mairs speaks eloquently of his philosophy:

“I always thought the process is as important as the product,” says the Maestro, “but years ago my friend, Michael Kumer, from Pittsburg, said, ‘I believe that the process IS the product.’ I’ve come to believe he is right, and I try to live by that. If the process is whole, healthy, respectful and honest then the product will come,” Mairs stresses. “I believe the process is working because we have more and more musicians who want to be a part of our orchestra family. They say they feel welcomed, respected, valued and challenged in a positive way when they rehearse and perform with MTS.”



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