Since 1988 Mid-Texas Symphony has performed free symphonic concerts for the fourth and fifth grade students in all of Comal and Guadalupe as well as our surrounding counties. 

Each season two free Children’s Concerts are performed  in both Seguin and New Braunfels. MTS provides music teachers with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills quality study materials and a CD of the music to be performed. MTS Maestro, David Mairs, ensures students will meet TEKS standards by asking the students to listen for certain sounds, phrases, repetitions or specific instruments. He discusses musical terminology and specific style of the pieces. More than 3500 children in the New Braunfels and Seguin attend the free concerts each year.

Materials provided by MTS help music teachers prepare their students for an educational experience which is further enhanced by the Maestro’s engaging and entertaining “teaching” from the podium. Students learn about the dynamics of an orchestra; they are challenged to listen for themes, repeating patterns, and for specific instruments. The Maestro asks the students to pay close attention for a certain sound, or to close their eyes and imagine, and he encourages them to find a way to make music a part of their lives. The Children’s Concerts equal education.

A great deal of thought goes into planning, preparing and producing the Children's Concerts to ensure MTS achieves musical excellence while meeting the educational needs of the students in attendance. Maestro David Mairs, a highly-skilled musician and well respected educator, begins with the selection of the performance pieces. With an eye to the educational element of the concerts the Maestro chooses pieces and composers that meet the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge criteria for fourth and fifth grade students. He then works with educators on the MTS Board to create study guides ensuring that the outlined learning objectives are met. MTS provides learning materials and CDs containing musical selections to all teachers with students attending the concerts. MTS musicians, many of whom have doctoral degrees in musical pedagogy and performance, are professional musicians who hold themselves to the highest performance standards. 

The students in attendance are given a true symphonic experience from the famous guest artists and plush interiors of the performance venues to the majestic proscenium arches of the stage to the elegance of the formally clad musicians.        Each year, the Children’s Concerts of MTS are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for thousands of our area’s children.


Children's Concerts Programming Excerpts

Seguin Children's Concerts Jackson Auditorium


New Braunfels Children's Concert PAC Canyon HS