Mid-Texas Symphony Ball and Debutante Presentation

The Debutante Program in Seguin began in 1987 under the direction of Mid-Texas Symphony Guild Members. The purpose of the program is to give young women and their families an opportunity to participate in the promotion of the Mid-Texas Symphony through direct involvement in the Guild and with the orchestra. The Debutantes are formally honored at the Mid-Texas Symphony Ball. The Ball is one of the fund-raising projects of the Guild and all proceeds from it are given to the Mid-Texas Symphony Society to support the orchestra.

New Braunfels: Michelle Mueller, Debutante Chair, muellerfamily4@gmail.com

Seguin: Trina Eastwood, Debutante Chair, 830.305.5550,  Trina.Eastwood@gmail.com


Debutante Program

The Debutante program for high school girls offers young women a year-long program teaching social skills, etiquette, event planning, community service, and financial planning. The Seguin program accepts girls in their Junior and Senior years and the New Braunfels program accepts only Senior girls.  The debutantes have regular workshops and training sessions during the year and provide help with symphony events. The debutante year culminates in the presentation of the young women at the annual Mid-Texas Symphony Ball - one in each community. The program not only raises very significant funds for the Symphony, it transforms girls into poised young women. The escorts and stags are included many of the functions throughout the year.


A prospective debutante must: 

  • be a junior or senior the year of her presentation be in good scholastic standing
  • maintain high moral standing
  • be the daughter or granddaughter of an Active member of the Mid-Texas Symphony Guild
  • have a parent or grandparent who has been active on a committee or in office two years, prior to the girl’s presentation year* (see exception below)

A debutante's responsibilities include:

  • ushering at Symphony concerts in Seguin,
  • assisting with various service requirements and fund-raising activities of the Guild
  • participating in all activities of the Debutante Program
  • abiding by the regulations of the Debutante Program




Program Fee: $1150*

This fee includes:

  • All workshops and classes (IMSOLC, personal finance, dance lessons, etc.)
  • Etiquette dinner for Debutante and Escort
  • Deb and Dad Dinner, All Moms Party, Recruiting End-of-Season Party
  • Photo sitting fee
  • Guild Membership Dues for 2 parents
  • Debutante sashes
  • Debutante Tee

* If a parent or grandparent actively participates in the Guild for two years prior to the girl’s presentation year, the program fee is discounted by $150 for each of the two years of active service, reducing the program fee to $1000 (one year of service) or $850 (two years of service).

Please call Kathy Nossaman, Debutante Chair, at 210.885.8795 for additional information regarding fund-raising expectations and Escort participation.


New Braunfels Cotillion

Our cotillion in New Braunfels is for 8th - 9th graders and includes lessons in dining etiquette, technology/business etiquette, poise, chivalry, leadership, communication, interview skills, personality profiles, line and partner dancing.