#MusicIs … A Sweet Escape

Earlier this month, the 2016 Presidential Election came and went, and to some it feels like the stressful times of politics are never ending. As people are tormented with endless questions of the future, they end up taking on unnecessary stress. When these tough times roll around, what do we have to rely on to relieve our stress? A safe and secure way to wind down from the stress of politics, school, or anything else that’s been bringing you down is to sit back and listen to music!

All around the world, students, teachers, and other people of different occupations go through a seasonal cycle of doubt, worry, and stress. That means it’s time to form the playlist of your favorite and newly discovered songs. When listeners plug their ears with headphones the sounds stretch the imagination of the mind and send us to a world deep within our subconscious minds. Music then brings us into a special place of comfort and relief from the rest of the world. The link between the emotional state while you listen and the music you choose is, as we all know, strongly related. However, these negative emotions can easily be fixed by listening to a positive song! Studies have shown that classical  music in particular can reduce pain, blood pressure, and chronic headaches.

So, if you're feeling stressed, curl up in your favorite space, turn up the volume, and let all of your worries travel away with the sweet sounds of music. Then, take a step back in time with us and be sure to grab your tickets early for our “Big Band Blowout" concert on February 18th, 2017 at the New Braunfels Civic Center!