#MusicaIs...Nourishment for the Heart and Soul

In all the busy-ness in our lives, sometimes we forget to enjoy the little things. Taking a sip of warm tea, spending time outside on a beautiful day, having a meaningful conversation with a loved one, listening to beautiful music, when was the last time you did these things? If we aren't intentional about feeding our heart and soul with good things, we can get worn out by all the clutter and noise of the world. 

Music is a unique way of expressing yourself. Find a song that speaks to you, let it inspire you. Don't just listen to any music, some are better than others! Listening to classical music in particular can have many benefits for the listener. Listening to classical music can reduce stress and improve productivity. Doesn't that sound nice? Next time you are stressed at the office and need to get a lot done, try putting some classical music to help! 
Classical music can also spark creativity and put you in a better mood. When your child is having trouble concentrating on writing a paper or working on a project, try getting them to listen to classical music. Surely it will make the experience a more pleasant one. 

Think of it like feeding your body. You wouldn't want to eat junk food all the time, right? That would just lead to a lot of problems. So wouldn't you feed your heart and soul with the best music available? Classical music is a wonderful thing to do exactly that!

As with any music, classical music is best heard live! Don't forget to buy tickets for our upcoming concerts. 

Concert No. 5 on March 26th at 4:00 pm
Have an evening filled with Vivaldi’s Sinfonia No. 3, Mozart’s Concerto for Violin No. 5, and Haydn’s Symphony No. 104 all executed by the talented hands of Mid-Texas Symphony. 

Concert No. 6 on Saturday, April 29th at 7:30 pm
American Goes Classic! An exciting program of brass and percussion featuring Mid-Texas Symphony brass and percussion artists.