Concert No 6: Americana Goes Classic!

Singer/songwriter Stewart Mann and brother, Garrett, of The Statesboro Revue.

Singer/songwriter Stewart Mann and brother, Garrett, of The Statesboro Revue.

In the world of musical fusion, few smash-ups have been as successful as an ever-increasingly wide range of musical genres/artists  performing with symphony orchestras. From Willie Nelson and the Austin Symphony, Eric Clapton and the London Philharmonic Symphony, Elton John and the Melbourne Symphony, singer/songwriters and Symphony orchestras have produced magic all around the world by joining forces.

 The Statesboro Revue and Mid-Texas Symphony are combining the groovy sound of Americana and fusing it with the sweeping sounds of orchestral music. The fusion takes both genres and ramps them up to the next musical level! The Sound is Now!

Stewart Mann, singer/songwriter of The Statesboro Revue, says, “This may be one of the coolest things we have ever done. Mid-Texas Symphony is taking eight of our original songs and charting each of them to an orchestral accompaniment. I am so excited our band will play our songs with a professional orchestra!"

Mann’s group, hailed as one of the Top Ten Americana Groups to watch in 2017 is not new to recognition. In 2009, Rolling Stone Magazine proclaimed The Statesboro Revue as one of the highlights of the 2009 South by Southwest Conference and Festival. 

Americana Goes Classic is a fusion of guitars, violins, drums, cellos, and horns featuring home-grown artist Stewart Mann's soulful songs and the symphonic sound of our area's only professional orchestra. Presented by Mid-Texas Symphony.

Americana Goes Classic: Saturday, April 29th. Show begins at 7:30 at the Brauntex Theater in New Braunfels.  GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY: / 830.463.5353