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Mid-Texas Symphony and Copper Star Cellars Winery have teamed up to bring you a rich, complex red wine, personally bottled by the Mid-Texas Symphony Board of Directors in celebration of our 40th Anniversary Season. The perfect complement to the 2017-2018 classically inspired symphony season with its beautiful melodies and expressive syncopations is Copper Star Cellars’ specially blended reserve with its beautiful dark and deep color and its oaky aroma. 

The expressive domination by blackberry offers a glimpse of raspberry and cherry pie. Like the music of our best-loved composers, the wine is big, bold and lush.                                        You are going to love them both.

Copper Star Cellars Winery and Mid-Texas Symphony bring you beautiful melodies and expressive syncopations in celebration of MTS 40th Anniversary Season. Like the music of our classical composers - Copper Star’s specially blended, hand-bottled red – is big, bold and lush! Enjoy us both! 

Suggested donation per bottle $40.

Call 830.463.5353 to find out how you can donate towards a case and get one bottle free.